Caley O'Dwyer

My painting practice is driven by humor, wonder, musicality, joy, love of the line, variation and possibility. I’m interested in process painting, gestures that are sabotaged, partially recovered, renewed…surprises pulled out of wrecks, pairings of surety and dissolution. I’m inclined to seriousness as much as to silliness, to expressions of sadness and doubt as much as to frivolity, delight, color that clashes and color that sings. Increasingly, my painting is engaged with abstraction that bears some figurative legibility but which resists certainty. I’m interested in architectural forms both for their own sake and as analogues for, or signs of, interior experience.

I am a faculty member at Antioch University Los Angeles where I teach “Sources of Creativity: Theory and Practice,” “Writing as Seeing,” and various courses in undergraduate art, creative writing and psychology, as well as graduate clinical psychology. Alongside my teaching and art making, I provide strength-based psychotherapy and specialize in working with artists and creative people of all kinds.

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