DreamLuxe by Javier Granados

Los Angeles artist Javier Granados designs and creates beautiful and unique silk scarves and wearable art. All the scarves are hand painted in the ancient batik method.

Batik is a magical and historical method of painting fabric used for more than a thousand years. Batik is a long multi-step process that incorporates drawing the design onto the fabric then using melted wax to trace all the drawn lines with a wax pen tool. The wax acts as a resist to prevent the color dyes from mixing. The fabric is then stretched and carefully painted using special brushes. After, the fabric is submerged into boiling water to remove the waxed lines leaving a white outline where the wax was applied. Finally, the fabric edges are rolled and sewn by hand.
The Dreamluxe collection is inspired by world travel, art, nature, Latin, Asian, Buddha and ancient cultures such as Maya and Aztec civilizations.
Dreamluxe silk scarves are unique works of art. Since no two are alike, you'll love to wear these exquisite silk scarves to accessorize a formal or casual outfit, at a concert or the beach.