Francine Lecoultre
Francine Lecoultre is a costume designer working in Hollywood. As a multi media artist, she is interested in several domains: textile design and printmaking, paper art and sculpture, art commissions for architectural spaces. They all feed each other through her endless curiosity and passion for experimentation.  
Francine’s multi facetted talents have a playful, spontaneous approach, with an improvised quality, along side with the application of cutting edge techniques.  She blends tradition with new technologies, the infinite patience and precision for detail, mixed with the audacity of creating other worldly textures.  This unusual cocktail brings to Francine’s vision its unique theatricality.
Lecoultre’s costumes, textile creations and sculptural art pieces have been exhibited around the word.  In 1993, she was part of the US selection for the “International Triennale of Paper Art” at the museum of Charmey, Switzerland. Detailed list of exhibits upon request
Francine was born and raised in the French speaking Switzerland.  She graduated in art education at the University of Bern, and then received her diploma in Costume Design from the Advanced Program of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. She is currently an instructor at the Fashion Institute of Design, LA.
In 2012, Francine Lecoultre was nominated for the Costume Designers Guild Award for excellence in TV commercial for the “Carl’s Jr – Miss Turkey” campaign.  Her work as a costume designer includes feature films, musicals, word events and opening ceremonies, theater, ballet, opera, fashion shows.