Lissa Hahn

"When young activists of 60's and 70's imagined what life would be like for a liberated woman, they truly believed the structure of society would change… They didn't consider the possibility that the society would remain largely the same and simply open the door for women to join the race for success." –Gail Collins

Encompass is an on-going project by long-time collaborators, Deana Anais, a stylist, and Lissa Hahn, a photographer, centered on what’s it’s like to be a woman today. Inspired by their own experiences juggling motherhood, marriage, and career, Anais and Hahn staged portraits of real women based on personal interviews about their lives. The resulting series of photographs is an account of a generation of women that grew up with the notion that they could “have it all,” and asks the question," but at what cost?”