Surreal Box Cinema
Surreal Box Cinema began as a creative collaboration between photographer and conceptual designer Lynn Rossi and set designer Nikki Evans in 2001 in the basement of an old candy factory in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Their first project “Brainwheels” was a twenty minute 16mm film about a boy and the six personifications of his psyche who lived in his dumpster-dived world was showcased throughout the independent festival circuit in 2003.
Other projects include a photographic installation entitled "Homesick" which tells the story of the spirit of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and a series of images about the periodic table. Their two most current photo projects are "Encyclosurrealia" which explores the surrealism of science and "Evolution of the Revolution" which is a visual journey thru the revolutionary path of the African-American struggle for freedom and equality from the origins of the Underground Railroad into the present plitical arena.