Ted Meyer

Ted Meyer loves bodies. He loves to paint them, photograph them, even print off them. He loves healthy bodies, but also bodies in states of trauma and healing. He creates puzzles of bodies that celebrate sexuality and survival.

Through his artmaking, photography, design, curation and publishing projects, Ted portrays the beauty and humor of physicality while exploring narratives of the human condition.
Along with his desire to find beauty in stylized bodies through painting and highly crafted photos, his art functions as a healing document for those affected by trauma. Ted uses his artwork to teach the medical community how treatments affect patients long term.
When he started drawing bodies years ago, Ted never pictured that his work would be shown in venues as diverse as the Bravard Museum of Art, the United Nations, the National Museum of Health and Medicine, UCLA and galleries in Asia and Europe. It continues to be an exciting and rewarding journey.
Ted is currently the Artist in Residence at UCLA Geffin School of Medicine and has held teaching positions at Brooks College  and California State University at Northridge.
Ted is also a freelance designer, writer and illustrator and lecturer. He has written and illustrated 4 books. “Shrink Yourself: The Complete do-it-Yourself Book of Freudian Psychoanalysis”, “The Butt Hello - And Other Reasons My Cats Drive Me Crazy”, “Cats Around the World.” and “Good Things You Can Learn from A Bad Relationship”.